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Tips for Bicyclists


     We offer a shuttle for our guests and their bicycles from mile marker 140.9 (Bill’s Place) to Town Hill B&B. With a prior reservation, the shuttle is available from 4:00pm until 7:00pm at $6.00 per person. Upon arrival at Bill’s Place, please call to arrange a shuttle pick-up time. Most guests usually enjoy dinner at Bill’s while waiting for the shuttle. In the morning, you can decide whether you would like to coast or take the shuttle back down. 

NOTE: If plans change and the shuttle is not required, it must be cancelled 7 days prior to arrival in order to avoid a cancellation fee. The shuttle has the same cancellation policy as our rooms.


     If you are coming to us from Cumberland, you have one option for lunch, the Schoolhouse Kitchen in Oldtown. The restaurant is usually closed on Sundays and Mondays, so please plan accordingly. This is most likely the most remote section of the Canal. If you do not want to carry or bring lunch with you, the Schoolhouse Kitchen is your only option. The Schoolhouse Kitchen is located in the old elementary school about 200 yards off the trail, where they converted the cafeteria into a restaurant.

By mid afternoon, you will be traveling the Paw-Paw Tunnel, which is over 3,000 feet long. We recommend that you walk your bike through the tunnel and bring a flashlight because of the uneven surface, narrow walkway, and lack of lighting.

     When arriving at mile marker 140.9, look for a small wooden bridge across the canal. Near the bridge is a small tunnel under the abandoned railroad; Bill’s is through the tunnel.


     If you are coming to us from Williamsport, your big decision of the day is deciding whether to use the Western Maryland Rail Trail [WMRT]. The Rail Trail starts at Fort Frederick and continues westward for approximately 28 miles. If utilizing the WMRT, exit at the day parking lot after going over the trestle bridge and continue down to Bill's Place.

     If remaining on the C&O Canal Trail, proceed to mile marker 140.9, which is Fifteen Mile Creek. Keep in mind, Fifteen Mile Creek and Little Orleans is the same stop. When arriving at mile marker 140.9, turn right to cross the small wooden bridge, which is across the dry canal bed. Directly in front of you will be a concrete wall supporting the old railroad bed, and to the right will be a concrete tunnel or underpass. Proceed through the tunnel to Bill’s Place, which is located on the right.

For a printable version of these tips, please click on the following link: Town Hill Tips for Bicyclists

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